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Adding Your Business to Finding Cyprus

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Is your business already on finding Cyprus?

Follow these instructions to check if you already have a FREE LISTING before adding a new one.

1 - Type your business name (part of it or just one word) in the box below
2 - Hit "SUBMIT"
3 - If your business appears, click it on the results that come up. Then you can click the "Claim your business here" link to let us know or email us if the link is not present.

4 - If you can't find it then logon or register an account where Add Your Business at the top becomes an option


Comparing FREE & PREMIUM Listings on findingcyprus.com

There are well over thousands of listings already on our website and its growing all the time. We add businesses when we find them & it is free to be listed on our website.

We also offer fullly detailed PREMIUM listings. Below the table explains what else you get for your money & how much it costs. We have schemes for instalments & monthly payments & great deals for annual payments Contact us for details.

You can create an account & make your own advert and pay online via paypal.

If you want to be visited & either discuss it further or have us do all the work for you for no extra charge Click here to email us Send us your business name, address & telephone & we will contact you shortly.


Click on the right to see examples of the different types of listings
Your Business/Company Name
A Short Description
Be listed in up to 5 different categories (COMING SOON)
Your Address & Postcode
Phone Numbers
Your email Address
Link to Your website Address
10 keywords included in title & page for the search engines & site searching
Search engine friendly page title (URL) for the search engines & site searching
For Premium listings all the above plus
Full page Detailed Advert, Click the image to see one
Google Map link
This listing has a google map

If you are not on Google maps this will add you
Qrr link
This listing has a Qrr image

We can supply you the Qrr image for your own use
Search engine friendly page name for inclusion in the search engines
A Short Description
Full unlimited detailed & chanageble description
Display of your Business Logo
up to 20 photo's of Productsand/or your premises
Printable version of your business listing
Display/download of Brochures, menu's etc
Display/download of PDF Documents
links to Youtube videos
links to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr etc
Initial sponsored advert be featured on our Facebook page, 10/15k paids views
Featured at random to be featured on Facebook and twitter, we have thousands of fans as well
Keywords & description linked to your photographs
Contact Name if you want to list it
Free use of our Message center
Complete list of Facilities & features
Above the free Listings
Photo Improvement service
Owner Log-in Control panel with 24-7 access to update your advert
Page View Statistics
Free Support
Free discounts and events
Coming soon more new features
Normal Cost for 1 year, payable in advance FREE 295/€245

Monthly payment €30

Quarterly payment €80

6 months payment €150



Get the best impact to your advert

We can visit and take professional standard photos of your business, inside and out, stock, items for sale etc. These images will then be adjusted to make them the best using photoshop and added to your listing. Also we will supply a CD of the images for your own use

Site wide box & text adverts

With the site having thousands of hits a day we can offer cutom ads on our website. These can be text ads incorporated in the the main text, the footer or side bars or a range of images ads are available. We offer fixed fee duration ads, CPT, CPC with tracking etc. Thie site has 1,000's of pages & therefore this can offer the greatest exposure as these ads will appear on EVERY delivered & viewed page

Front page featured advert

Only 4 ad slots will show, & only 20 businesses can apply, therefore you have a 1 in 5 chance of being seen on every visit to the main page of this website.
Only €100.00 a year

Featured on your Region page

Only 2 slots are available, & only 5 businesses can apply for each slot, therefore you have a 1 in 5 chance of being seen on every visit to that page
Only €50.00 a year

The about & information pages featured advert

Only 2 ad slots will show on each of the 5 pages, & only 25 businesses can apply, therefore you have a 1 in 5 chance of being seen on every visit to any of the 5 information pages
Only €50.00 a year

The entertainment information pages featured advert

Only 2 ad slots will show on each of the 3 pages, & only 15 businesses can apply, therefore you have a 1 in 5 chance of being seen on every visit to any of the 3 entertainment information pages
Only €50.00 a year


SO!!! to start with we have made it really easy to get listed!!

Just register a new account, confirm your email, log on & add your businesses, oras many as you have! Or search at the top to check if you are already listed & add it your self or update your existing listing. We will contact you for any information we need & you in less than 24 hours you will be seen by new customers

For premium listings, your listing will be live in a few hours, you can check it & then pay online by paypal.

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