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A personalised approach to learning Greek in Cyprus
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A personalised approach to learning Greek in Cyprus, May 2019

We are now happy to announce our next Greek language courses for general communicative purposes which aim at:

*foreign speaking adults who visit Cyprus often and want to learn to communicate in the language of the country
*foreign speaking adults who live permanently and work or want to work in Cyprus
*English-Cypriots who came back home and face problems with the language
*students and teachers/lecturers of English speaking schools/universities
*foreign speaking executives or employees of companies
*any other person who is interested
In all of our courses, participants will:
*learn Greek using the latest course books and materials
*develop communication skills by working with other students
*learn, review and put into practise new Greek language every day
*practise and improve Greek writing skills by producing different kinds of documents
*acquire better grammatical understanding by analysing real texts
*get up to 1hour homework per lesson

All courses will begin on 3rd May 2019 and will be offered either in morning, afternoon or evening. A deadline has been set for the 30th April 2019, but please note that due to the limited places and high demand a strict order of priority by application date will be followed.

If after visiting our website: www.greekinlarnaca.com.cy you are still unsure of your Greek language level and of the program you should choose to attend, a meeting prior to the registration can be arranged so as to advise you accordingly.

Please feel free to contact us for a course at a higher level, an educational program with specific needs, individual tuition or online lessons.

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