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Neo's is situated in between Peyia and Coral Bay. There you will find a very high standard of sports equipment together with a first rate dining experience & Neo's will 'tick' most of your relaxation boxes
Address: 38 Panayias Agridotissas, Peyia, Cyprus
Website: Visit Website
Phone: 26 622900
Mob: 99632217 Fax:
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Although Neo’s only opened in the summer of 2010, It has become one of the best attended establishments in the Peyia/Coral Bay area.

Neo's is a premier restaurant and drinking establishment that will tick all the boxes for food  if you fancy just a bar snack or to experiences some of the fine dining available from an extensive menu including by special arrangement Chateau Brand.

Neo’s is situated in between Peyia and Coral Bay. Overlooking the rural countryside down to the sea with a backdrop of mountains.The sports facility has a very high standard of equipment , including a 8 lane Bowling Green, 3 full size Snooker tables located in air conditioned comfort, a table tennis table, dart boards and TV coverage of all major sporting events throughout the year.

Pop those champagne corks and party the night away in our roof garden bar. We can accommodate up to 100 person in this light and airy space, an ideal venue to celebrate that special occasion. Alternately, enjoy a drink or a coffee in these spacious surroundings, from the morning until late evening

We are also able to accommodate weddings and parties

Green Bowls

Why not try your hand at the sport of green bowls? This leisurely game is played by thousands of people across the world and is accessible to all ages. The whole family from grandchildren to grandparents can play and it is a great sport for making new friends, providing many years of lively interest. Our green is the biggest one in Cyprus with eight rings.

Bowls is a sociable, fun sport which brings together elements of concentration, tactical awareness, bodily control, patience and skill. Although not inherently physically demanding, it does place a high demand on mental ability with players having to concentrate for long periods of time. Players must also make tactical decisions and execute accurate shots over the period of play. 

Snooker Tables

Come and chalk up a win with your friends in our air-conditioned, sound proofed snooker hall. There you will find three full sized professional standard match tables each equipped with professional lighting, steel block cushions and world snooker template pockets.

More than one person can play at any one time and each table can accommodate two to four players. With a little experience, your cue will soon find the right ball to pocket and with this set up, you can only improve and advance your game to the next level. Strategy is the name of the game. Sharpen your aim, and you could even become the next world champion

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Neos Entertainment Bowling green Restuarant Darts Neos Table tennis Entertainment Bowling green


38 Panayias Agridotissas, Peyia, Cyprus


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